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If you are seeing this, you’re now connecting to via our new webserver. Over the last month or so it became clear we had outgrown our original shared hosting service so we hope our new hosting is more stable and also faster for you. We’ve also changed some of our associated plug-ins to further improve site performance and memory usage. It is possible that some of these changes may affect some of our associated APIs like the Solve Button in unexpected ways, so please comment on any errors or irregularities you encounter over the next week in case there is something we’ve missed in our transition process.

ETA: It actually seems some readers are crawling both old and new servers still. The Friday Bonus Skyscrapers puzzle will not be viewable if it is trying to find that file on the old server, so in that case you have to view the page directly if RSS is wrong, refresh the page or clear your browser cache, or wait a few days for this to update on its own.

Thanks for your patience — and happy solving!

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