Grandmaster Puzzles (GMP) supplies a widget on its blog for puzzlers to track puzzles they've solved and marked as their favorites. For the widget's functionality, GMP stores each registered puzzler's e-mail address, an encrypted password, puzzles marked as favorites, and puzzles marked as completed along with a timestamp of the completion date. GMP must also store a cookie on the puzzler's browser to keep them logged in across multiple visits. The cookie is not used for any other purposes and is solely to prevent the requirement of having to log in more frequently.

GMP also retains a subset of email addresses and product titles purchased related to its original storefront, which has since been sunsetted, as well as its current storefront

GMP will protect the information saved to the best of its abilities. However, this service is provided as-is, and GMP cannot be held responsible for any situations that arise beyond its control.

As a user of the site, you agree not to do anything hurtful, harmful, or illegal with regards to the site, its contents, or its community. Your continued use of the site and its contents signify agreement to these terms and any updates that may arise. You are strongly encouraged to use a unique and strong password here — ideally one comprising multiple digits, uppercase and lowercase letters, and symbols.

If you need to re-download any previous purchases through the original storefront, would like to receive an export of your user data from GMP, or would like your account and data removed, please contact us at

If your account existed prior to March 20, 2021, it may have been migrated to GMP from The Griddle. See The Griddle's privacy page for contact information and to request an export or deletion of your data.

This page was last updated 5/24/2021.