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Penpa Tracker:
Update as on end of 2022: All web puzzles (except for these three puzzles) should now be in Penpa-Edit, and almost all with solution checking except for a few unusual puzzles when we first started posting them.

Our future goals are to now include these links alongside all new books and also with some of the already published one. To date, penpa links are shared in all the books in the Starter Pack series. We’ll add additional titles here when they have Penpa-Edit capabilities.


Starting in 2021, we have adopted the Penpa-Edit tools for presenting our puzzles in a digital solving format, including automatic solution checking and credit given to the author/original post. We have plans (although they will take some time to complete) to implement Penpa solving modes for all our prior web content; all puzzles Jan 2021+ will have a digital option by default.

Penpa-Edit was originally developed by opt-pan, and we are especially thankful for opt-pan for starting this project. We have taken our version from a branch first started by rjrudman and then further updated by swaroopg92 (Swaroop Guggilam, who has been a guest contributor on the site). We are especially grateful for all their work (and others) to develop this puzzle drafting and solving tool. We thank Swaroop for helpful conversations as we were adopting the tool, including through his PenpaPlus Youtube Channel.

On GMPuzzles, we are calling this a “beta launch” of digital solving as we expect there will be some bugs (that we cause) and also some changes over the next months as we really start to use the tool. There are some aspects in the visual styling and also in the editing of puzzles and solving of puzzles where we expect further updates to the code will improve the experience. For instance, eventually we want to automatically generate the puzzles and solutions from the digital files we receive for submissions which will also make it much faster to convert all our old content to a Penpa-friendly mode. Right now we have to manually make the art so it is possible small errors may occur. Also, there are ways to set solving defaults (e.g., Tab options and initial click states) but in the long list of details to set with every puzzle it may not default to a consistent mode yet. We also want to integrate solving stats more directly into the overall GMPuzzles experience. We will be looking to support further development of the tool, and add back to the open source version of penpa-edit as we do.

If you have your own comments on features/needs as you play through Penpa versions of puzzles here, please feel free to share them with us either on this page or in the comments of the puzzle. We will also be developing more written and visual tutorials, so please tell us when it is not obvious how to solve a puzzle using Penpa-Edit.

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