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Schedule for Next Week

Our last week of Sunglasses and Snake Pit puzzles can be found here.

Over the next two weeks, we will be posting some classic sudoku and two puzzle hunt style puzzles that I constructed for some recent live events (side activities at the World Sudoku/Puzzle Championships, and the Arlington Puzzle Festival).

Site Update

The recent week of Yajilin and Double Yajilin puzzles can be found in this PDF.

I’ve been a bit slowed by illness recently, so the next week of puzzles will come in May. We’re working on another Patrons’ Week of requested puzzles and on a week featuring LITS and Double LITS puzzles, the next section in The Art of Puzzles 2.

Update: Expanded eBook Store

We’ve recently completed an expansion of our eBook store, adding in several titles that up to now were only available to our Grandmaster-level supporters.

Joining our existing titles available in PDF form, The Art of Sudoku and The Art of Puzzles, are these fun collections:

Colossal Cave Collection by Roger Barkan – 100 hand-crafted Cave puzzles with hints to solve all of the puzzles.

Tapa and Variations by Serkan Yürekli – 65 puzzles includes 17 new classic Tapa (including 1 giant), 36 new puzzles spread across 9 variations, and 12 favorites from past puzzle competitions.

Kakuro and Variations by Serkan Yürekli – 77 puzzles includes 13 new classic Kakuro (including 1 giant), 56 new puzzles spread across 7 variations, and 8 favorites from past puzzle competitions.

LOTS O’ LITS by Grant Fikes and Prasanna Seshadri – 41 LITS puzzles including 2 giant puzzles. Also includes hints to help solve all the puzzles.

Fill o’ Fillomino by Grant Fikes – 40 Fillomino puzzles including 5 giant puzzles.

Tapa-Like Loop Collection by Prasanna Seshadri – 34 Tapa-Like Loop puzzles, including one giant puzzle.

We’ll be highlighting some of these titles more in the coming weeks, as well as releasing two more collections before the start of 2017.

Come back on 12/5 for our next week of web puzzles.


We’ve been doing some late “spring cleaning” around GMPuzzles, editing some Giant puzzles and e-books for our patrons. Our next week of puzzles will start on July 18th with two variations that have appeared on recent United States Puzzles Championships.

Reminder: US Round for WPF Puzzle Grand Prix

This weekend is the US round for the WPF Puzzle Grand Prix. It features a lot of puzzles from me and other GMPuzzles contributors including a special “Escape the Grand Prix” casual section. Please check it out.

Schedule for Next Week

Last week’s Sudoku mix can be found in this PDF.

Next week will not have any regular puzzles, but check back in the middle of the week for a large bonus puzzle that will keep you busy! Can’t wait for the bonus? Become a supporter of the site and you’ll receive every week of puzzles early as well as other rewards. Click here for more info.

Best of 2015

We’re working to compile our Best of 2015 puzzles this week and will return after the new year with those posts.