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Update 2: New e-books: Logic Puzzles 101 and Snake & Variations

In the last week of 2016 we added two new titles to our e-book store. Our grandmaster-level patrons got to see them first, and if you want to be sure to get all our e-books in 2017 the easiest way is to become a patron.

Logic Puzzles 101

Logic Puzzles 101, from Grant Fikes, contains 101 hand-crafted puzzles to teach the art of logic for Masyu, Slitherlink, Yajilin, Nurikabe, and Fillomino puzzles. While we won’t have any new puzzles on the site this week, you can explore this 5-puzzle teaser with the easiest puzzles from each section.

Snake & Variations from Serkan Yürekli continues the successful series of classic puzzles and variations that started with Tapa and Kakuro titles. If you haven’t gotten enough of snakes after our recent Snake Pit week, please explore this new title with dozens of interesting Snake puzzles.

Site update to https

Quick note that we’re migrating our webpages to use https instead of http and cleaning up other minor things as we enter 2017. The only major issue we’ve identified in going to https is with the solving applet hosted by thegriddle (to clarify: the way you input solutions and add favorites) which will not load unless http connections are allowed. We expect a fix to this issue in 2017 so that all content can be loaded securely.

If you encounter other site issues over the next week, please comment here or send a private message so we can address them as quickly as possible.


People looking for new puzzles from me should check out next weekend’s Puzzle Grand Prix. Many USPC contributors (and therefore many GMPuzzles contributors) have written puzzles. I’ve made LITS and Shape Minesweeper sections; Serkan Yürekli has made some Kakuro; Roger Barkan (author of the Colossal Cave Collection) has made some Caves.

There are still no solvers of the Hidden Contest.

I continue working through my transition; while I’ve been at my new job for a month, I only just found my permanent residence in CA for this year and will move in next weekend. Still a lot to do before I see the time returning to do much with GMPuzzles.


We’ve extended the hidden contest for at least two more weeks and added another hint for it.

Besides this hidden contest, there will likely be no new puzzles on the site until May, and a return to a regular schedule will probably still be some time after that. I’ll be using some of this time to close out lots of things that have been pushed back because of the demands of meeting a weekly posting schedule, including the print edition of The Art of Puzzles, the print and electronic editions of The Art of Puzzles 2: Double Trouble, as well as the #1 Fans puzzle promised to our patrons long ago. Thanks again for your patience.

Site News

I wanted to share some life/site news with you all. Tomorrow I’m starting a new job at Google with their Life Sciences team. I just drove back to California for this unique opportunity, but I am quite far from being settled in.

As a result of this life change, I’m going to be taking an indefinite break from posting regular puzzles here. There may be a few random puzzles posted during this gap, but this past week was the last full week for awhile.

In the interim, there is still an open contest to solve (with a new hint).

And for most of you, there are still hundreds of past puzzles to look through. I’ve made a new archive page where you can readily download everything we’ve posted.

— Dr. S.

Doctor’s Note: 2015 Site News/Cover Artist wanted

The advertised “stats” update for 2014 will be coming later, but I did want to follow up on several requests from readers for the new year.

– I’ve already posted about our site navigation changes for 2015 but I wanted to mention again the new sidebar/”posts by category” and “posts by author” bits and make sure solvers are finding this to be an improvement.

– We received many requests for a way to distinguish the PDF files in a week as they sometimes get mixed after printing; we’re now adding the posting date to the top of all PDFs in 2015 which should help track things better.

– The biggest open ticket to address is a way to track the puzzles you’ve solved. Here I have to rely on our web developer at the moment so I can’t promise you any timeline, but I hear the request loud and clear. We’ll work through the challenges of merging the solving data with a representative calendar of our site posts and have something available as soon as possible.

– We’ll be adding some new puzzlemasters this year, but I won’t tell you who or when yet. That will be a surprise.

– Also on the horizon for early this year are some improvements to our estore, including more titles there (that only our patrons have seen), and a new header for the blog.

Now that we are doing so many things with daily puzzles and monthly ebooks and other collections, it is time to bring on some more freelancers to help with the site and with our books. There are projects that simply cannot move fast enough because I don’t have the time to complete them myself. Our most pressing need is for an artist that can create covers for our book collections. We’re looking for clean, professional art that showcases how special our puzzles are, with our The Art of Sudoku cover being a prime example. If you think you might be the person to help us with that, please contact us.

Some Site Updates

During these “gap” weeks I like to make updates to the website and WordPress. This morning you’ll notice a real change to the navigation on the sidebar which categorizes our many posts into puzzle genres. This should be much easier to use to find some of the less common puzzles. For instance, Grant’s Ripple Effect that was highlighted as a “Best Of …” yesterday before could only be found by searching deep in the Puzzle or Variation categories. Now it is cleanly with a handful of others in “Other Number Placement”.

There is also now a set of hard links to the different puzzle authors, which makes a hidden feature a lot more obvious.

This update did change our blog’s style.css sheet so you may need to do a hard refresh of the page for everything to display as intended.