About Thomas Snyder

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Grandmaster Puzzles was founded by Thomas Snyder. Thomas first gained notice in the puzzle world by winning the US and World Sudoku Championships (2007, 2008, 2011). He is also a one-time World Puzzle Champion and eight-time US Puzzle Champion. As a puzzle constructor, Thomas specializes in hand-crafting artistic, themed logic puzzles, particularly sudoku and variations. He is the author of eight books of puzzles, has contributed puzzles to publications including GAMES Magazine and Wired, and has written puzzles for events including the World Puzzle Championship, the World Sudoku Championship, the US Puzzle Championship, the MIT Mystery Hunt, Gen Con, and the Microsoft Puzzle Picnic.

Away from puzzles, Thomas is a scientist developing new technologies to enable personalized, preventive medicine, particularly by analyzing the immune system. Formerly at ImmuMetrix and Adaptive Biotechnologies, in 2015 Thomas joined Verily (previously Google Life Sciences) to manage their multiple sclerosis program. He is currently the Head of Computational Biology at Verily and leads programs investigating autoimmune disease, cancer, and metabolic diseases.