Even/Odd Sudoku by Thomas Snyder

[This puzzle comes from the 2022 US Sudoku Grand Prix round. The majority of the sudoku variants had visual “eight” themes as well as interesting logical paths. This Even/Odd Sudoku uses a symmetrical set of even/odd cells in only a few rows and columns in an “eight” shape to highly constrain the grid. I deliberately tried to avoid giving any eights on the outside frame of the grid.]

Even/Odd Sudoku by Thomas Snyder


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Theme: Big Eight

Author/Opus: This is the 438th puzzle from Thomas Snyder, aka Dr. Sudoku.

Rules: Standard Even/Odd Sudoku rules (i.e., cells with a square contain an even digit; cells with a circle contain an odd digit).

Estimated Difficulty: 3 stars

Solution: PDF

Note: Follow this link for more Even/Odd Sudoku puzzles. If you are new to this puzzle type, here are our easiest Even/Odd Sudoku to get started on. More Even/Odd Sudoku puzzles can be found in The Art of Sudoku 2 and Masterpiece Sudoku Mix 1.

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