Sunday update with solutions

Over the last week we’ve added two e-books to our store: Plenty O’ Pentominous 3 by Grant Fikes and Murat Can Tonta, and Yajilin Battleships by Serkan Yürekli. Please check them out if you are interested in some fun puzzle challenges.

Our most recent week of Balance Loop puzzles can be found in this PDF and the solutions are all grouped in this PDF and have also been linked to the individual posts.

We have a solving video for four of this past week’s puzzles. First are solving videos for two of the regular Balance Loops, starting with the Forgotten Numbers by Grant Fikes:

and another video for the Even Diagonally puzzle by Prasanna Seshadri:

We also have solving videos for the two harder variations to close the week. This includes the Balance Loop (Skyscrapers) by Murat Can Tonta:

and the Balance Loop (Star Battle) by Serkan Yürekli:

This upcoming week will feature a variety mix of puzzles from across six different genres.

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