Sunday update with solutions

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Note: We sill have issues with the solving applet and logins; this seems to be tied to some new security updates on web browsers and may be difficult to fix but we will keep you updated.

Our most recent week of Skyscrapers puzzles can be found in this PDF and the solutions are all grouped in this PDF and have also been linked to the individual posts.

We have two solving videos for this week. The first introduces a generally useful way to look at 2 clues in a skyscrapers puzzle based on the Tuesday puzzle. This tip will be reviewed (alongside a few others) in the video for the Saturday puzzle.

This upcoming week will feature Kurotto puzzles.

  • Aaron says:

    Something that might help you debug. The Fave button sort of works. By that, I mean that while it doesn’t correctly show whether you have Fave’d the puzzle, the fave gets registered and shows on “Your Offsite Favorites” in

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