Triplets by Palmer Mebane

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This week we are sharing easy sample puzzles from our ebook The Puzzlemasters’ Workshop which showcases six authors exploring new puzzle styles or variations with 8-10 challenges in each section. Today’s post is Triplets.

Triplets by Palmer Mebane


Theme: Clue Symmetry and Logic

Background: An original number placement puzzle created by Palmer Mebane.

Rules: Fill each cell with a number so that all 27 three-digit numbers with digits 1, 2, or 3 are used exactly once. For each pair of cells sharing a side, the two numbers in those cells must have equal digits in exactly two of the three positions (ones, tens, or hundreds).

Example by Palmer Mebane:

Triplets by Palmer Mebane

(No official times or solution entry for this week; just click “SOLVE?” when finished.)

Solution: Last page of PDF

Note: More Triplets puzzles can be found in The Puzzlemasters’ Workshop.

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