Mirror Universe by Carl Worth

This week we are sharing easy sample puzzles from our ebook The Puzzlemasters’ Workshop which showcases six authors exploring new puzzle styles or variations with 8-10 challenges in each section. Today’s post is Mirror Universe.

Mirror Universe by Carl Worth


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Theme: Circle

Background: Variation of the region division puzzle Spiral Galaxies, with new clues indicating galaxies with mirror symmetry. This variation was created by Carl Worth.

Rules: Divide the grid along the indicated lines into connected regions – “galaxies” – so that every cell is part of one galaxy and every galaxy has one circle clue inside it. If the galaxy contains a plain circle without any lines, the galaxy must be rotationally symmetric with that circle being the center of rotational symmetry. If the galaxy contains a circle with a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line, the galaxy must have mirror symmetry when reflecting across the line given in the circle.

Example by Carl Worth:

Mirror Universe by Carl Worth

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Solution: Last page of PDF

Note: More Mirror Universe puzzles can be found in The Puzzlemasters’ Workshop.

  • Freddie Hand says:

    Nice and aesthetic. Could be called ‘Jupiters and Saturns’!

  • Carl W says:

    Thanks, Freddie!

    I like to think that a Mirror Universe puzzle with a sufficiently random-looking arrangement of mirror directions has the feel of one of those Deep Field images from the Hubble telescope.


  • SS says:

    I quite enjoyed these puzzles. Thanks!

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