Doctor’s Note – Week 1

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I hope you enjoyed the first week of Grandmaster Puzzles. To some this may look just like a new home for my old blog. But this is actually the start to a large project I’ve dreamed of for awhile, to get more “puzzle” books published and improve the ecosystem for logic puzzle construction in the west where computer-generation is still the name of the day.

Eventually there will be a Sunday puzzle here. It will be bigger and better (but not necessarily harder) than any other puzzle during the week. But for the first many weeks, as I introduce some of the styles I’ll be publishing soon, Sunday will be the day for the Doctor’s Note. This will also be the right spot for you to comment in any way you want about the site such as new features you’d like to see (like a place to enter your time with your solution, or a page for leaderboard tracking). The site will continue to improve while the quality of the puzzle content stays as high as it can be. This will become the community for logic puzzle solving and I’d appreciate your likes, tweets, +1s, or other links to this page to help the community grow.

A big thank you goes out to Dave Millar, of Perplexible and The Griddle fame in the world of puzzles, for his help designing this website. Most of the images inside the frames are mine. But the rest is mostly him. He took some sketches from my puzzle notebooks and made a memorable blog theme. And he loaned some of his own API code to start our answer checking system which will get better as we go along.

So, what did you think of the first week of Grandmaster Puzzles? This week certainly had a very broad range in difficulty, but I expected both Sudoku and TomTom to be pretty familiar puzzles compared to what is coming. Next week will be a little more gentle, still with six quite interesting puzzles but two new styles.

–Dr. Sudoku

  • Farfarawayfan says:


  • Isukada_sudokus says:

    I really love it! I have needed some time to practice sudoku, and with the time tracking to see how you’re progressing and a log of which puzzles you have or haven’t solved, I really think this is wonderful!

  • John Reid says:


    Excellent puzzles as always. You really continue to impress me with your construction!

    I’m wondering whether you have any intention of implementing applets to allow for online solving of the puzzles. I imagine that could entail many unwanted technical difficulties though. Perhaps an idea to keep in mind for the future.

    Keep up the awesome work!

    • Avatar photo drsudoku says:

      Applets are a bit problematic. They are expensive to make (time or money or both) in comparison to other tasks I’m prioritizing at the moment. Those that exist are not uniformly helpful for solving the difficult puzzles here where custom notation is great. I will eventually get some, first probably in the electronic publication of some of our books and not the daily free puzzle for awhile.

  • skynet says:

    A good beginning is half well done they say…and you certainly have made a great start in introducing the site motris..puzzles were a joy to solve especially the harder sudoku…My first week favourite is that particular hard sudoku…

  • SJS says:

    Elegant puzzles. This site is a dream come true.

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