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In 2019, we have the following publishing schedule:

  • Nine weeks of new web puzzles per quarter, including six weeks that focus on a specific genre from each of our categories (Sudoku, Number Placement, Object Placement, Region Division, Shading, Loop/Path);
  • Three e-books per quarter (~50 puzzles in each e-book, some will be grouped into larger collections of 100-150 puzzles). In 2019, larger titles include a new “Puzzlemasters’ Workshop” title with new and experimental puzzle types from our grandmasters and some guests, and new editions of The Art of Sudoku and The Art of Puzzles series including one large book focused on easier puzzles. We will also release several smaller collections including styles like Yajilin, logic puzzles involving words, TomTom, Star Battle, and Skyscrapers.

Subscriptions are the best way to get access to all of our puzzles early, as well as to other special rewards available just to our biggest fans. Weeks of puzzles, and other rewards, are sent out by email on Sunday mornings at 9 AM PT (the same time the “schedule” post appears on the blog). After subscribing we will send rewards to the email address that paid unless you tell us differently.

We have three levels of subscriptions:


  • Early access to a PDF for each week of web puzzles before they are posted online;
  • Solution images for each posted puzzle (only available for subscribers);
  • Access to solving how-to videos from Dr. Sudoku (one per month).
$3 per quarter or $10 per year


  • All Expert rewards above;
  • 2 extra puzzles sent along with each week of puzzles. One will be very easy (Monday level) and the other moderate to hard (Thursday+);
  • 1 e-book (~ 50 puzzle collection) of choice from those newly published that quarter. A list of options will be given at the end of the quarter on the last day of March, June, September, or December for all whose subscription includes that day.
$10 per quarter or $35 per year


  • All Expert and Master rewards above;
  • Receive every e-book we publish during your subscription as soon as they are published;
  • Receive 1 “Giant” puzzle (for example, a 20×36 Nurikabe or a Samurai Sudoku) and 3 “Large” bonus puzzles every quarter that aren’t published anywhere else;
  • Your name will be featured on our website as a top supporter of GMPuzzles.
$24 per quarter or $80 per year

Note: These prices are guaranteed to stay the same for 2019 but may increase in future years. Price changes will only affect new subscriptions; all existing subscribers who maintain their subscription without a break in payment will not see any change in price.

  • Miroslav says:

    Hello, I have two and a half questions regarding the subscriptions:

    1) If I subscribe per quarter, is it possible to cancel the subscription at any time?

    2) If I subscribe at a lower level, for example Expert, and then later decide to switch to a higher level, can I only pay the difference or do you have to pay for a new subscription?

    2.5) If I subscribe for a year, can I then switch to a quarterly subscription on one of the higher levels?

    • drsudoku drsudoku says:

      Short answer: We can handle cancellations on a rare basis, but encourage you to think about quarters as the minimum unit and sign up for either a 3 month plan or a discounted 12 month plan with the intention to stay at that level for 3 or 12 months.

      Longer answer (to give a sense of how we would handle this, not specific refund amounts since it will be on a case-by-case basis):
      Our smallest subscription unit is a quarter in part because at some levels, particularly Master but also Grandmaster, the rewards will come at different times depending on when you subscribe but after any three month period everyone will have received the same total value of rewards.

      We can come up with a cancellation value in the middle of a quarter-length subscription but it will not be on a pro rata basis by time, rather on the value of rewards received to that point.

      Similarly, as the annual subscriptions include a 15+% discount for people who are committing to longer term membership, it would not be fair to let people receive this discount for only one or two quarters and then cancel and get 75% or 50% returned to them. If an annual subscription needs to be shortened, the refund would be based on what a quarterly charge would have been up to that point.

  • Grizix says:

    So sad I forgot to subscribe on January. And now, there is only one walkthrough per month, and I even lost one !
    Anyway, now it’s done.

    Will there be a mail to remember to resuscribe each year ?

    • drsudoku drsudoku says:

      Hi Grizix,
      Thanks for your subscription.

      We received consistent feedback that people wanted to see more puzzle weeks; also the walkthroughs are only watched by a fraction of our subscribers and take a few hours to prepare, sometimes causing us to post fewer weeks. So we’re trying a different balance of puzzles in a week (8 vs. 7), weeks per year (39 vs. 26) and walkthrough videos (12 vs. 26) in 2018. We’ll survey our subscribers later this year to see which rewards people like the most as we consider changes for the future.

      Our subscriptions are managed by PayPal and they will sometimes email when your subscription is up for renewal. PayPal defaults to auto-renewal, so as long as your payment method is still valid you will not miss any puzzles.

  • SS says:

    Just to chime in with one survey point. I much prefer more puzzles over the walkthroughs. For me, much of the fun is figuring out how to make progress in the puzzles on my own. Walkthroughs feel like spoilers to me, so I actively avoid ANY discussion on puzzle-solving strategy.

  • Walter A Fyler says:

    I just wanted to congratulate Wei-Hwa Huang and Thomas Snyder for winning this years US Puzzle Championship…good luck in Czech Republic this week.

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