Contest Update

Our Ten-Year Anniversary Contest is now over and we talk through the solution in this “final?” Smashing the Sudoku series video here:

Congrats to the four winners: Stephen W., Mindren L., Giovanni P., and Barbitos.

We’re continuing to work on setting up a two puzzles a day subscription release model for GMPuzzles. We have a first set of testers now identified but if you would be interested in helping out as we get closer to a beta test, please let us know at In the mean time, we’re pausing our “reposts” from the past for now while we get our 2023 plans set up, at least for April.

  • Reinier says:

    Thank you for posting the solution! It turns out that (rot13) V unq nyy gur pbeerpg ahzoref, ohg V qvq abg frr ubj gb qb gur rkgenpgvba. V rkcrpgrq vg gb or arprffnel gb qb fbzrguvat jvgu gur fbatf ng gur fgneg bs fbzr bs gur ivqrbf. Anyway, thanks for the puzzle, and congratulations to the four winners!

  • Tony says:

    Hi Thomas, hope you’re well. Checking in to see if there are any updates on the new gmpuzzles model coming? My fingers are crossed the puzzles will be back when the time is right. Sending all my best.

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