Microsoft Puzzle Hunt Bonus (3/4): KIBŌ by Thomas Snyder

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Puzzle PDF

Author/Opus: This is the 432nd puzzle from Thomas Snyder, aka Dr. Sudoku.

Hints (in rot13):
1. How do I get started? Gurfr ner bcrengvbayrff GbzGbz/XraXra chmmyrf, rnpu jvgu n havdhr vagrtre frg gnxvat svir inyhrf sebz 1-25 naq ab inyhr funerq npebff tevqf.
2. I’m stumped. How do I break into the puzzles? Znal pyhrf ner cynlshyyl qrprcgvir. 49 qbrf ybbx yvxr 7 gvzrf 7 gvzrf 1. Ohg vg pna nyfb or bgure fhzf yvxr 2K cyhf 2K cyhf L. Nyy guerr 49 pntrf va gurfr nafjref unir n ercrngrq ahzore. Vg znl nyfb uryc gb xabj gur bcrengvbaf sebz yrsg gb evtug va gur frpbaq ebjf ner {+, +, ×}, {+, ×, +}, {+, ×, -}, {-, +, ×}, naq {÷, +, -} va fbzr beqrevat bs gur tevqf.
3. How do I get a final answer? Juvyr gur tevqf ner tvira va {1,?,?,?,?} gb {5,?,?,?,?} beqre — jryy {1,7,8,14,17} gb {5,9,10,13,22} beqre — fbzrguvat ryfr va gur tevqf jvyy freir nf n orggre jnl gb svaq n bar-gb-svir beqrevat urer. Ybbx ng gur fnzr cbfvgvbaf jura ernqvat npebff tevqf ng gur raq gb trg n urycshy vafgehpgvba.

Solution: PDF

Answer String: Enter the final answer (a word or phrase) in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS without spaces to confirm. There may be intermediate answer phrases that are not the final answer; our answer checker is not able to send the message “Keep going” like the Microsoft Hunt solving software does so if you do not see what you expect, treat it like “Keep going” and potentially send an email to us or watch out for hints.

  • Grizix says:

    And here goes the penpa version, to save the earth and your wrists.

  • Grizix says:
    With Number mode instead of Sudoku…

  • Avatar photo drsudoku says:

    I didn’t make Penpa versions because the original puzzle hunt only used the PDF. Note that I do not approve of starting with this Penpa only because there might be information about the grids that has been lost here. Make sure you have looked at the PDF! A Penpa version that faithfully recreated the entire PDF as seen would be best.

  • Arnaud Dumont says:

    Great puzzles, I loved to solve it !
    Anyway, I’m stuck at the end to find the final answer. I just discovered the clues, and it doesn’t ring a bell …
    Qb V unir gb svaq gur ahzoref ng gur euvtug cynpr (nppbeqvat gb gur 6gu beqrerq tevq) va gur 5 tevqf ? Vg tvirf zr 8 ahzoref, juvpu V fgehttyr gb genafsbez vagb yrggref

    • Avatar photo drsudoku says:

      Lbh unir gb ybbx ng frgf bs gur haynoryrq pryyf ybbxvat npebff gur tevqf yvxr n fgnpx. Lbh qba’g unir gb qb nalguvat jvgu gur 1-25 frevrf ng nyy juvpu jnf whfg gb abgngr gur gjragl-svir inyhrf gur svefg cneg bs gur chmmyr hfrf.

  • Grizix says:

    I cannot find a way to make sense of all the clues.
    I have two questions to ensure I’m on the right track:
    1. Qb V unir gb ghea ahzoref gb yrggref ? Jvgu n plcure ?
    2. Qb V unir gb erbeqre gur tevqf gb ernq gur vafgehpgvba ?

  • zmaj says:

    For some reason, answer check is not working for me. Vf gur nafjre fbzrubj eryngrq gb ornfgf bs oheqra? If I’m right, then thanks for the fun puzzle!

  • Avatar photo drsudoku says:

    It seems like there may be an answer entry issue then based off your comments. I could check the correct answer in all caps but I also know we haven’t used the answer checker for awhile so perhaps there are other issues happening.

  • Grizix says:

    Thx ! Got it !

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