Sunday Surprise: US Team shirt puzzle by Thomas Snyder

Best of luck and skill to all competitors in Kraków, Poland this week at the World Sudoku and Puzzle Championships (WSPC).

Puzzle by Thomas Snyder

Puzzle by Thomas Snyder

Puzzle by Thomas Snyder


or solve online (using our beta test of Penpa-Edit tools)

Theme: US Team for 2022 World Sudoku and Puzzle Championships

Author/Opus: This is the 424th puzzle from Thomas Snyder, aka Dr. Sudoku.

Rules: This puzzle from the US team t-shirts for the world championships is originally being released in an “instructionless” mode. It combines a common sudoku variation and a common puzzle type. More info is now available below.

Identity of the two rule sets: (highlight to view): This puzzle combines Thermo-Sudoku and Skyscraper styles. The combination of this style with no givens was first constructed by Thomas Snyder for the 2013 United States Puzzle Championship.

Solution: PDF; the puzzle was featured in a Cracking the Cryptic solving video here.

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