Sunday Update, Solutions, New Sudoku E-books, and More

We hope you really enjoyed Takeya Saikachi’s debut week of puzzles; the full week is gathered in this PDF and the solutions are in this PDF. Takeya is the author of our Starter Pack 4: Slitherlink, which will be released next Sunday, and we expect to see a lot more great contributions from this puzzlemaster in the future. This coming week will be another “Starter Pack” variety mix week including a Slitherlink puzzle by Takeya Saikachi like those in the book.

The daily solution videos are on the posts and linked below:

This weekend has also been a time to celebrate Sudoku. Currently running is the US round for the Sudoku Grand Prix, with 14 different puzzles by me that show off a lot of what sudoku can do. Please check out the competition if you haven’t had a chance to yet.

We also just released two new volumes in our Masterpiece Sudoku Mix series, #7 – Sudoku and #8 – Shape Sudoku, which continue to show what the best puzzlemakers can do with different Sudoku ideas. Purchase 2 or more MSM books and use the code MASTERPIECE to get a 10% discount at checkout.

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