Sunday Update, Solutions, and New E-book

Our most recent week of Slitherlink puzzles are gathered in this PDF and the solutions are in this PDF. We will have a challenging Sunday Stumper up soon by Matej Uher, and this week also marks the release of Slitherlink and Variations 2, a new e-book also by Matej Uher with 30 classic Slitherlink (including 1 giant) and 22 variations across 6 styles. Check out our store for details on all our Slitherlink collections.

The daily solution videos are on the posts and linked below:

We’ve also recently uploaded a new version of Penpa-Edit (from 2.26.18 to 3.0.3) with several quality of life improvements. A big one (that we will highlight again in the future when we have an appropriate week) is that coloring of regions now works like drawing region boundaries for solution checking purposes in Fillomino, Pentominous, Araf, and other puzzles. As long as everything is colored (i.e., not white) and edge-adjacent regions are a different color, they are marked as implicit edges and compatible with checking. This update also includes some improvements to the top interface sizing that maintains the size (rather than moving up and down) when shifting between tools, better keyboard support for Sudoku movement in hex/cube modes, and several others described in the change history. Thanks to Swaroop and the other developers for these improvements.

This next week will feature LITS puzzles.

  • Kostucha says:

    I’m happy that the slitherlink book got finally released, I was wondering what happened to it

  • Brian says:

    Do new books that do not implicitly say so include Penpa links now? Or only the 4 starter books?

    • Avatar photo drsudoku says:

      Hi Brian, unfortunately this book does not have digital solving options at this time. All of the features of our books are explicitly mentioned in the item descriptions (like the written hints at the end of The Art of Puzzles, and the digital solving versions for the four Starter Packs with the solution animations so far just for Starter Pack 4). So the absence of such a description means the absence of that feature.

      As we plan for 2023, we will likely be releasing fewer books / puzzles so that we can have the time to make every one of our titles include digital options and digital solving animations. We will also be starting to add these features to the archive for some of our titles. The purchase links will then mention the options explicitly and we will announce the updates in our news posts. People who have already purchased the PDF forms will get these new features automatically with their pre-existing purchase.

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