Sunday Update and Solutions

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This week we crossed a milestone with over 2,500 puzzles posted on the web. Alongside this huge number, which has still never included a broken puzzle with 0 or more than 1 solutions, we finished posting solution PDFs for all of our earliest puzzles from 2013 so every web week now has solutions available. We also now have Penpa versions for almost every major style (2350+ puzzles) and mainly have one-off variations to still digitize. So by the time we hit our 10-year anniversary at the end of this year, our archive will be in great shape! If you’ve appreciated our content through the years, please consider buying some of our books (all with original puzzles) or making a donation to help support the site and our authors.

6 of our 2,500+ puzzles coming from this past week, which featured the number placement styles Smashed Sums and Terra X, are gathered in this PDF and the solutions are in this PDF.

The daily solution videos are on the posts and linked below:

This next week will feature Slitherlink and variations, including a Sunday Stumper in one week’s time. Next Sunday we will also be releasing the new book Slitherlink and Variations 2 by Matej Uher, so look forward to a week+ of getting thrown for a loop.

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