Thermo-Sudoku by Thomas Snyder

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Thermo-Sudoku by Thomas Snyder


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Theme: Christmas Tree

Author/Opus: This is the 397th puzzle from Thomas Snyder, aka Dr. Sudoku.

Rules: Standard Thermo-Sudoku rules.

Difficulty: 4.5 stars

Time Standards (highlight to view): Grandmaster = 7:30, Master = 16:30, Expert = 33:00

Solution: PDF; a solution video is also available here.

Note: Follow this link for more Thermo-Sudoku puzzles. If you are new to this puzzle type, here are our easiest Thermo-Sudoku to get started on. More Thermo-Sudoku puzzles can be found in The Art of Sudoku 2 and Masterpiece Sudoku Mix 2.

  • carpenter says:


  • David Altizio says:

    Very nice construction to close out the year 🙂 Thanks for all the amazinh puzzles in 2021!

    If I may ask, how did you construct this? The interactions between thermometers are quite subtle, especially with the constraints given by the theme.

    • drsudoku says:

      Thanks for the feedback and glad you enjoyed the puzzle.

      Lbh’yy frr fbzr bs guvf guebhtu gur fbyivat ivqrb, ohg n ybg bs gur fgneg bs gur fbyir cngu jnf frg hc ol ubj V neenatrq gur tvsgf naq gur sbhe qvtvg pyhrf. Gung neenatrzrag (nf jryy nf gur ohyo va E1P5 naq trareny gerr funcr) jrer nyy nffhzrq ohg rirel bgure ohyo jnf haqrgrezvarq ng gur fgneg.

      Nf V tbg zbfg bs gur ybj qvtvgf cynprq, gur xrl ohyof jrer gura frg va gur pragre obk naq svsgu/fvkgu ebjf gb trg gur arkg napube cbvagf rfgnoyvfurq. V unq cbgragvny sbe fbzr havdhrarff vffhrf ol univat gbb znal ohyof ng gur gbc, ohg znxvat ybatre cnguf riraghnyyl jbexrq gung bhg.

  • JuffoWup says:

    Toughie but goodie! Merry Xmas to all at my favorite puzzle site!

  • emin says:

    very hard but solved thanks

  • Menderbug says:

    What a lovely solve path. 🙂 Thanks for all the puzzles this year!

  • Roger says:

    Great construction!

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