New e-book: Grandmaster Puzzles Quarterly: Volume 2

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Coming in just before the end of 2021, we’re releasing our second quarterly mix of puzzles. Grandmaster Puzzles Quarterly: Volume 2 comes in at over twice the size of the first volume, with a total of ninety-six puzzles across six genres:

– 12 Isodoku and 4 Isodoku (Consecutive Pairs)
– 12 Kakuro and 4 Kakuro (Hex)
– 12 Statue Park and 4 Statue Park (Half and Half)
– 12 LITS and 4 Easy as LITS
– 12 Cave and 4 Cave (Product)
– 12 Slitherlink and 4 Slitherlink (Sheep and Wolves)

As you’d expect from us, this collection includes a set of really elegant puzzles from twenty-one of the world’s best authors. We’re already working on volumes 3 and 4 (planned for publication in March and June of 2022) and will have more info on 2022 book plans and possible subscription options in the coming weeks for all of our 2022+ books. For now, we wish you a Happy New Year and hope you consider purchasing this excellent collection of logic puzzles as a way to start 2022 off in a great way.

  • M says:

    Would love to support the site, but any chance when you get the book, you also get access to the same puzzles in the Penpa tool? It is a bit counter intuitive that the free puzzles come with better tools to solve than the collections you pay for

    • drsudoku says:

      Thanks for your feedback. We’re still trying to get our digital tools better (2021 was a beta year for them for the website content, and we’ve also gotten feedback they aren’t as good as pencil and paper solving or other digital versions yet). We do expect to offer digital versions of books in 2022, hopefully with more puzzle tracking built into it than the http encoding only approach that our web puzzles use so you can know what you have solved.

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