New e-book series: Grandmaster Puzzles Quarterly

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After many years of publishing elegant, hand-crafted puzzles across multiple genres in focused e-books and one-off collections, we have decided to start a more regular quarterly publication where every 3 months we will feature selections from six different categories of puzzles. Today marks the release of Grandmaster Puzzles Quarterly: Volume 1, which has 60 total puzzles split across these genres:

– 7 Sudoku and 3 Killer Sudoku
– 7 TomTom and 3 TomTom (Different Set)
– 7 Star Battle and 3 Star Battle (Isometric)
– 7 Tapa and 3 Tapa (Line)
– 7 Fillomino and 3 Fillomino (Non-consecutive)
– 7 Yajilin and 3 Yajilin (Regional)

We are already pretty far along in preparing volume 2, which will be even larger than the first volume, and we are continuing to consider additional features to put into this recurring series over time. So please try out this first volume, and then share any feedback you have so we can continue to make a great quarterly publication.

At the end of the year (at the release of volume 2), we expect to offer some options to subscribe to this series of books to receive them at a discount.

  • Rodrigo says:

    Does the PDF include links to the online platform to solve them?
    I just solve the ones with the online tool just skip the PDF ones. Will buy it anyway to pitch into the site, thanks for all the content.

    • drsudoku says:

      Hi Rodrigo — at the moment, none of our e-books have an online solving component. We want to eventually create a user portal for the site that would include a digital puzzle inventory / stats and allow for purchase of puzzle packs to add to that inventory. We would use Penpa for the digital solving, but this is a larger project that we still need to scope out.

  • Rodrigo says:

    That is an awesome plan!

  • Aaron says:

    The book doesn’t seem to be indexed on the site. As in, I can’t find the book on the website without using the above link.

  • drsudoku says:

    Thanks Aaron — it is now listed in our All ebooks page which I was going to get to after a business trip, but did sooner from your message. I have still not figured out where/if to add Sudoku, Fillomino, Star Battle, … links into those genre types and into old web posts which was part of that task. We usually do that going forward with new puzzles, but until we do the indexing to the book won’t be anywhere else.

  • Aaron says:

    I was thinking about the actual shop at when I made the comment.

    • drsudoku says:

      Sure — we also need to make a bigger update on the categories there so everything works from our home page with new hooks for GPQ and MSM series. You are right that there is no clickable indexed form yet, but searches on Sudoku, Fillomino, …, will bring up this title so everything is tagged appropriately and just need to handle other parts.

  • Aaron Chan says:

    I think you misunderstood me. I am not talking about some searchable index or anything like that, but the fact that this collection doesn’t appear in either Books, Classic Puzzles and Variations Series, or Smaller Puzzle Collections. i.e. Unless someone sees this post, they would have no idea that it was ever released if the just browse the shop.

    • drsudoku says:

      I think we’re both speaking past each other, but I appreciate the continued follow-up. When I said I needed to put in new hooks from the home page I meant I still need to do this, probably moving “Classic Puzzles and Variations Series” off the main bar. For now, I’ve put GPQ1 in Other Special Books but it won’t stay there.

  • LorenR says:

    Dr S.: Thank you for sending me a copy of GPQ1. That was completely unexpected!

    Less experimental than the prior “The Puzzlemasters’ Workshop”, this collection also ensures that no one puzzle type overstays it’s welcome. Very enjoyable format.

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