Sunday Update and Solutions

This past week of Fillomino puzzles is collected in this PDF and the solutions are in this PDF. If you haven’t had your “fill” of this genre yet, we have more Fillomino in several of our e-books.

We continue to work to improve our puzzle archive. Over the last few weeks, we have added 3+ more years of solution files to old puzzles. All puzzles from 2014+ now have PDFs on the individual puzzles and in the solution packets. We are now working to finish this for our first year 2013 to complete this project. Also, we’ve added Penpa-Edit links for more puzzle styles: Arrow Sudoku, Consecutive Pairs Sudoku, Consecutive Sudoku, and Thermo-Sudoku have been added within the last few weeks. An active list of our completed styles is on our Penpa notes page. By the end of the year we expect “official” supported forms to be posted for most of the puzzles on the site including automatic answer checking.

(Note that we still see some people making their own web versions of puzzles and adding them to the comments. We will only allow these as temporary links if they include the author name and a link back to the site in the digitized form or if we can edit them to add the same; anything else is not in the spirit of our Creative Commons license and some of the outside link aggregators do not credit authors at all which is why we do not want to support links that can separate the author/GMPuzzles from the work. For commenters making their own solving versions, our preference is to use

The daily solution videos are on the posts and linked below:

This next week will feature Battleships puzzles.

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