Sunday Update and Solutions

We are excited to announce that The Art of Sudoku 2 is now released in our e-store. This collection of 180 hand-crafted sudoku and variations from sixteen authors was many years in the making, but certainly worth the wait. The entire collection is available for $10 in our e-store, and there are three $4 subsections available: A) = 60 Classic Sudoku; B) = 20 Tight Fit / 20 Consecutive Pairs / 20 Even-Odd Sudoku; C) = 20 Thermo-Sudoku / 20 Arrow Sudoku / 20 Other Variations.

The Art of Sudoku 2

We have been continuing to make some updates to the website. First, on the Penpa side, all of the “classic sudoku” in our archives now have an online solving option. This is the second puzzle, after Kurotto, to be fully digitized, and Star Battle is being worked on now. When we are through with digitizing more styles, we will be reintroducing them here including making some How To videos for using Penpa for these genres.

Also, our solve tracker on each puzzle post has been updated to now be hosted on our site. This update should fix the login problems people have reported over the last six+ months; please tell us if you run into any issues with it, including not seeing your past fave/solve history.

This past week’s set of Sudoku puzzles are collected in this PDF and the solutions are in this PDF.

The daily solution videos are on the posts and also linked below.

This upcoming week will feature Pentominous puzzles.

  • Michael says:

    Now that I’m able to login, I’ve done some checks of what got carried over, and it seems like I’m missing *some* solutions I checked off with the old widget.

    Without a unified overview, it’s a bit hard to say precisely what’s missing, but it looks like anything I did between Februrary 27 and March 20 was not carried over. That included not just the regular posts, but also some archive puzzles from May 2014 (either 10-16 or 10-17; I forget if I solved the last one, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t solve any later ones).

    Also, April 29, 2014 seems to be randomly missing, even though I’m pretty sure I solved that one before the date in question. I’m not sure what might have happened there.

  • David Millar says:

    Michael: I’ll do a second migration and grab anything I’ve missed since the first batch migrated. I think the Feb 27 – March 20 bit was that I forgot to do a second dump before the migration, so it should be an easy fix. I can look into the April 2014 miss and see if that’s something fixable as well.

    Apologies for the painful transition but moving the widget to GMP’s domain will mitigate cross-domain security issues and hopefully keep it from breaking going forward.

  • Aaron Chan says:

    The tracker does not load at all for me on Firefox, Chrome, or Edge.

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