All Kurotto on Penpa-Edit, and Solutions / Tracker Update

Throughout 2021, we are working to have our older catalog of puzzles updated to have digital solving options and to also have solution PDFs everywhere.

On the PDF front, we have recently added another 18 months of solutions to the site and currently have answers for all puzzles posted going backwards to February 2016.

We are also now taking individual puzzle types and putting them all into Penpa-Edit to enable digital solving. The first puzzle style we have completed is Kurotto and all 27 of our prior Kurotto have digital versions with automatic solution checking online. We will eventually “reintroduce” these puzzles with a better set of “How To” videos, a curation of our favorites, and a better web-flow than just blog pages for solvers who want to binge on one of our styles. For now, if you want to try more of this shading puzzle style please click through the Kurotto archives.

Finally, a lot of people have been asking about our solving widget (i.e., FAVE/SOLVE button) that has had login issues for several months due to browser security updates as it was hosted externally. We are nearing completion of an update to host this ourselves, and will share another update here at the end of the month. With the solving tracking, online solving, and other solutions coming together we hope that the solving experience for GMPuzzles in 2021 is greatly improved. Please share your feedback with us on how we can do even better.

  • Roger Strain says:

    Loving the progress on adding more support for online solving and making the tracker easier. Biggest thing I would love to see added is a feature to find puzzles that haven’t been solved with your account. I missed several months (years?) while other things had my attention, and the completionist in me would love to get a chance to dig through the back catalog for things I missed out on.

  • Tony says:

    Greatly improved indeed–these updates are amazing and I love the direction the blog continues to move toward. Thanks for the hard work!

  • Deepanshu says:

    Loved the updates on older puzzles. Attempted all Kurotto’s puzzle now. Waiting for other puzzle types now.

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