Sunday Update and Solutions

You can find all the puzzles from our Araf week in this PDF and the solutions are all grouped in this PDF. We will be releasing a new Araf book from Serkan Yürekli in the next day or so; come back for more info.

We have three solving videos this week using our Penpa-Edit solving interface. This starts with the Araf (Line) by Serkan Yürekli:

Next is a video for the “Oh Nine” Araf by Jeffrey Bardon:

Finally, we have a solving video for the Saturday “Cyclops” Araf by Serkan Yürekli:

This coming week will feature Kurotto puzzles, which we recently featured in an e-book by Prasanna Seshadri.

  • Nick Ellis says:

    Thank you for the Sunday walk-throughs; I look forward to them to see what logical short cuts I may have missed. With the Cyclops puzzle I noticed a counting trick that helps. There are 60 clues in all, so 30 pairs. 29 clues are 1 or 2, which must be the smaller of 29 pairs. That leaves a last pair not containing 1 or 2, which turns out to be the 3-5 pair in bottom right. So when it comes to deciding whether the 4 near the top joins to 1 or 6, it has to be 1.

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