Sunday update and solutions

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Later today we’ll be sharing a (very hard) sample puzzle from a Killer Sudoku puzzle pack from Serkan Yürekli, which was just added to our e-store. We are experimenting with different sizes for our puzzle titles; while this is a smaller puzzle pack than others, at just 27 puzzles, it is still full of a lot of brain-bending challenge at a $2 price. If you enjoyed the mental arithmetic in this recent Kakuro week, you will certainly enjoy the math and logic needed to get through these Killer Sudoku.

Our most recent mix of Kakuro puzzles and variations can be found in this PDF and the solutions are all grouped in this PDF and have also been linked to the individual posts.

We have a solving video for the Thursday Double Kakuro (Invisible) by Grant Fikes:

and another video for the Saturday Kakuro by Prasanna Seshadri:

This upcoming week will feature Star Battle puzzles.

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