Skyscrapers (Even/Odd) by Prasanna Seshadri

Skyscrapers by Prasanna Seshadri


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Theme: Checkerboard

Author/Opus: This is the 187th puzzle from our contributing puzzlemaster Prasanna Seshadri.

Rules: Standard Skyscrapers rules. Also, cells with a circle must contain an odd digit.

Difficulty: 2 stars

Time Standards (highlight to view): Grandmaster = 1:20, Master = 2:00, Expert = 4:00

Solution: PDF

Note: Follow this link for classic Skyscrapers puzzles and this link for variations on Skyscrapers puzzles. If you are new to this puzzle type, here are our easiest Skyscrapers Puzzles to get started on. More Skyscrapers puzzles can be found in The Art of Puzzles, in our beginner-friendly collection Intro to GMPuzzles by Serkan Yürekli, and in the e-book Skyscrapers by Ashish Kumar.

  • Michael says:

    The rules don’t mention it at the moment, but I assume the circles are supposed to be odd (like in the odd/even Sudoku last week), since the puzzle doesn’t seem to work otherwise.

  • Anurag Sahay says:

    Yes, either it is surprising that it is not mentioned, or one is expected to deduce that. Nonetheless, nice breakin there across the bottom row and 3rd col.

  • Matthew says:

    Great fun!

  • Roger Strain says:

    Sometimes I solve one of the puzzles from this site and wonder if some aspect of the solution was intentional. I think I’m just going to assume that yes, it’s intentional, always. Fun solve.


    I love the checkerboard pattern, not only was it aesthetically pleasing, but it also lent itself to some fun logic. Thank you for the wonderful puzzle!

  • edderiofer says:

    I feel like I would have gone the other way and marked all the even digits instead of all the odd digits when constructing this puzzle, for aesthetic reasons.

    Nevertheless, nice easy puzzle.

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