Pentominous ebook and another update

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Dear solvers,

We just added the Plenty o’ Pentominous 2 ebook from Grant Fikes and Murat Can Tonta to our web store. These two fantastic authors have constructed 53 more creative Pentominous puzzles including some new highly original themes. So if you enjoyed their first Pentominous collection (or even, on the other extreme, if you’ve never solved a Pentominous before) you may want to check out this new book.

While I don’t have another update on when GMPuzzles will begin posting web puzzles again, that is in part because of a different, non-puzzle update from me. After almost five years at Verily Life Sciences (formerly Google), most recently as the Head of Computational Biology, I just left that job. I will be returning to Adaptive Biotechnologies as VP/science lead for their immunosequencing diagnostics program in early March. I’ll be splitting time in Seattle and San Francisco for this new role, and it will be the main focus of my time for the next several years. (I’m still hopeful that if I can successfully hand off most GMPuzzles responsibilities to others in the coming months, this should not have too large an effect on this site going forward; thanks again for your patience as I work through this life transition.)

  • Rose Secrest says:

    Help! I am not a fan of Sudoku, but my inmate penpal is. I would like to buy your ebooks for him, but they must be on paper. (I just saw on ebay that I can get ebook physical delivery. Do you do this?) This is the most amazing web site I have ever seen!

  • Chandrachud Nanduri says:

    Hi Thomas,

    I purchased the Statue Park ebook and I checked the ebook. The size of the puzzles is small for my liking. Can you kindly enlarge the puzzles and have one puzzle per page in a new pdf for me ?

    Chandrachud Nanduri

    • drsudoku says:

      Hi Chandrachud, thanks for your comment. We have not heard this type of feedback before, across our collections/variations books which try to fit 50 puzzles and solutions into only ~20 total pages of printed text. It is significant work to make an entirely new version of the Statue Park book, so we are not able to do this.

      We do have a few larger format books (like Logic Puzzles 101) that have puzzles closer to 8 or 10 cms total in width.

      Please contact us by email ( if you would like a refund.

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