Yajilin ebook and another update

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Dear solvers,

We just added a Yajilin ebook from Murat Can Tonta and Prasanna Seshadri to our web store. This is a really great collection of 50 loop puzzles that we shared with subscribers this Spring but had not posted to the store yet. For those looking for more GMPuzzles challenges during our web hiatus, check out this book and our other collections in the store.

Besides posting this book, I have not been doing any puzzle solving or editing over the last month due to a lot of science work (another of the many projects my team plays a role in was just announced publicly). So it might be too optimistic to think that web-posting will restart in early 2020. But I am moving forward with the planning of responsibilities for a first hire for the company, and have some interesting new project ideas coming together that could form new outlets for our puzzles.

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