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You can find all the slices of Pi from our most recent week of puzzles in this PDF.

This week we are featuring Pentominous, which is the style of our most recent puzzle e-book “Plenty o’ Pentominous” by Grant Fikes and Murat Can Tonta. If you enjoy this week of puzzles, please get this collection of 52 original puzzles including several 15×15 grids and one giant puzzle.

This week contains a few extras, including two extra puzzles on Friday and Saturday. There is also one easter egg hidden somewhere in this week’s puzzles which, if you find it, will tell you what word to enter here.

Master+ subscribers to the site are getting a bonus Pentominous by Thomas Snyder and a Cave (Pentominous) variation by Serkan Yürekli as well as images of the puzzle solutions. If you want to become a subscriber and get access to bonus puzzles, solutions, e-books, and other rewards, check out this page.

  • egrieg says:

    Well, that was easier than I thought 😀 Nice surprise Puzzle! Also, thanks to Murat and Grant (and Thomas, of course) for the great ebook 🙂

  • Aaron Chan says:

    Somehow my message was not posted? I was trying to ask whether I can get some hints on this since I was stuck for so long, but maybe ROT13 made the spam filter trigger.

  • drsudoku says:

    Possibly so — and as I never check our Akismet spam folder it would have gone unnoticed without your second comment.

    Vg znl uryc gb ybt nyy lbhe fbyhgvbaf sbe gur jrrx vagb gur nafjre purpxre.

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