Best of 2016: Shading Puzzles

Here are our best Shading puzzles of 2016, now our second most frequent category behind Loop/Path with 50 posts this past year.

Leading off this list was an Easy as LITS variation from Serkan that had a super high FAVE/solve ratio as a patron bonus puzzle. [Note: this is one of two supporter bonuses to win a Best Of award this year, but they’ll stay blurred on this site for non-patrons.]

Easy as LITS by Serkan Yürekli

Prasanna was our shading puzzle master this year, including this surprise of a Nurikabe variation prepared as practice for the WPC with a clean logical theme.

Nurikabe by Prasanna Seshadri

Prasanna also created a new Nanro variation “by accident” this year, which we call Nanro (Signpost). This early Spiral-themed example was well reviewed.

Nanro (Signpost) by Prasanna Seshadri

But the two best shading puzzles of this year were a kind of call and response from Prasanna and our audience, based around a “Windows” variation Prasanna experimented with. This Tapa in particular got high scores from the Windows week.

Tapa by Prasanna Seshadri

And then inspired guest contributor Jack Lance to make another version, this time with overlapping windows.

Tapa by Jack Lance

Basically tied in votes and clearly connected in origin, these Tapa (Windows) together are the best Shading Puzzle of 2016.

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