Easy as ABC (Transparent) by Prasanna Seshadri

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Easy as ABC by Prasanna Seshadri


Theme: Clue Symmetry and Logic (originally on 2016 Polish Puzzle Championship)

Author/Opus: This is the 120th puzzle from our contributing puzzlemaster Prasanna Seshadri.

Rules: Fill some empty cells with the letters A-F (A-D in the example) so that each row and column contains each letter exactly once. The letters outside the grid indicate the first letter seen from that direction, but each row and column has one transparent letter that is ignored by the clues. The transparent letters must be different in each row and column.

See also this example:

Easy as ABC by Prasanna Seshadri

Answer String: Enter the letters (including the transparent letter) in the marked rows in order from left to right, separating each row’s entry with a comma. USE CAPITAL LETTERS.

Time Standards (highlight to view): Grandmaster = 2:45, Master = 5:00, Expert = 10:00

Solution: PDF

Note: Follow this link for other less common number placement variations.

  • skynet says:


  • Will says:

    I believe this puzzle is ambiguous. Is there a rule missing? In the example all the transparent squares are different, is that meant to be a rule? My co-worker and I both got different completely valid grids that are claimed to be incorrect on here.

    • drsudoku says:

      The last rule (the transparent letters must be different in each row and column) needs to be applied. Another way to say this is the transparent letter set must be A – F without repeats. Apologies if the wording was confusing.

      • Neelix says:

        Ahhh. That clarifies things considerably. I had reached a dead end, but I think I’ll actually be able to solve this one now. 🙂

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