Consecutive Pairs Sudoku by Prasanna Seshadri

Consecutive Pairs Sudoku by Prasanna Seshadri


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Theme: PS

Author/Opus: This is the 82nd puzzle from our contributing puzzlemaster Prasanna Seshadri.

Rules: Standard Consecutive Pairs Sudoku rules. (If a gray circle is given between two adjacent cells, then the two numbers in those cells must be consecutive. Note not all gray circles are given; adjacent cells without a circle may contain either consecutive numbers or nonconsecutive numbers.)

Answer String: Enter the 6th row from left to right, followed by a comma, followed by the 8th row from left to right.

Time Standards (highlight to view): Grandmaster = 4:45, Master = 7:00, Expert = 14:00

Solution: PDF

Note: Follow this link for Consecutive Pairs Sudoku puzzles on this website. If you are new to this puzzle type, here are our easiest Consecutive Pairs Sudoku to get started on. More Consecutive Pairs Sudoku puzzles can be found in The Art of Sudoku 2.

  • Avatar photo skynet says:


    Ernyvmvat gung E7P8 vf gur jrnxrfg yvax bs gur fhqbxh naq gur erfg lvryq nyzbfg abguvat vf gur xrl gb pbzcyrgvat vg va dhvpx gvzr.

    • Avatar photo skynet says:

      I took 17mins to identify and the rest is history….

    • Avatar photo drsudoku says:

      Zl oernx-va, juvpu vf cebonoyl hahfhny, jnf gb frr gung va E5P8, E6P8, E7P8 gurer pna bayl or bar rira ahzore nf whfg 2 naq 8 ner yrsg. Guvf zrnaf E6P8 vf rira. Lbh pna znex gur cnevgl bs gur bgure pryyf naq trg E3P7 vf nyfb rira naq = 2.

  • Avatar photo Deanna says:

    Honestly, I got the consecutive part of the PS figured out pretty quickly and then for some reason took an embarrassingly long time to do the rest of the normal sudoku.

  • Avatar photo Pranav kamesh says:

    Nice sudoku.solved in about 10-15 minutes.

  • Avatar photo Akash Doulani says:

    11.16.finding the start was the most difficult part.

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