Killer Sudoku by Serkan Yürekli

Killer Sudoku by Serkan Yürekli


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Theme: Clue Symmetry and Logic

Author/Opus: This is the 73rd puzzle from our contributing puzzlemaster Serkan Yürekli.

Rules: Standard Sudoku rules. Also, the sum of the digits in each cage must equal the value given in the upper-left corner of that cage. Digits cannot repeat inside a cage.

Answer String: Enter the 2nd row from left to right, followed by a comma, followed by the 9th row from left to right.

Time Standards (highlight to view): Grandmaster = 7:30, Master = 13:00, Expert = 26:00

Solution: PDF

Note: Follow this link for more Killer Sudoku and this link for classic Sudoku. More Killer Sudoku puzzles can be found in Killer Sudoku by Serkan Yürekli.

  • Jack Bross says:

    Very nice puzzle with an elegant (and I suspect fairly tight) solving path.

  • skynet says:

    20:47.Hard and very nice

  • Andrew Brecher says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing a walkthrough here — I feel like I missed some inferences all the way through.

  • egrieg says:

    Somehow i managed to break this puzzle twice… a really nice solving path though, and nice logical steps to be found, especially in the corners.

  • John B says:

    Laid great groundwork on this one. Using a very telling amount of time, I proved 6 times that it was impossible, if the 22 is miscopied as a 23. Then, deciding to try to solve it with a 23, made another long go to demonstrate it probably isn’t unique if numbers can repeat in a cage. With nonrepeats, and knowing virtually the whole solving path without the solution by then, I knocked it off in another 18:48.

  • Great puzzle! I especially like the geometry involved in the corner cages in the top left and bottom right. It took me a long time to understand how that worked and then the solve was quite smooth after that.

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