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All the puzzles from last week’s Castle Wall collection can be found in this PDF.

We had 57 solvers for Dr. Sudoku’s 200th puzzle contest. Two random numbers were selected from 1-57 using marking solvers 30 and 52 as the winners of a free puzzle book. Those lucky solvers are (30.) Projectyl and (52.) phlebowitsh.

For anyone who was stumped by the lack of rules for the TomTomTom, and didn’t catch on to the hint provided by the title, here are complete rules. The six 6×6 grids make up a Latin Cube where no digit repeats in any row or column within a grid, or within any cell in the same position across the grids (i.e., stack the grids on top of each other and no digit repeats within a position in that stack). While none of the starting grids have a unique solution without the Latin Cube constraint, with this constraint all five regular looking TomToms can now be uniquely solved. Use the remaining digits in each location to fill in the last grid. Assign number values to those cases keeping in mind operations when present and convert 1=A, 2=B, …, to read out the solution in left-to-right, top-to-bottom order.”

This next week will feature both letters and numbers. Specifically, a set of Pentominous puzzles by Grant Fikes and Sudoku puzzles by Thomas Snyder. The bonus puzzle for our high-level supporters will also be a Pentominous by Grant Fikes.

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