Schedule for Next Week

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All the puzzles from the last Variety week have been grouped in this PDF.

Next week will focus on (highlight to view) Masyu and Slitherlink, with both classic puzzles, combinations, and variations. Puzzles will be from our puzzlemasters Tom Collyer, Grant Fikes, Prasanna Seshadri, Serkan Yürekli, Thomas Snyder, and from guest author Hans van Stippent.

The bonus puzzle for our high-level supporters will be a Masyu (Crosslink) by Grant Fikes.

  • Tamz29 says:

    May I suggest the benchmark times be added to the weekly PDF?

    • Avatar photo drsudoku says:

      Thanks for the suggestion. That is a lot more formatting work for me at the moment, so I probably won’t try to do it until I can automate the process (95% of the time the exact file I send out to testers is what is posted here, so no timing information is available when I’ve finalized the art).

      I also like that the times are an optional part of the web interface, and making them an optional part of the PDFs is non-trivial. I know some solvers are competitive, but others are not and so that is how we’ve reached the current compromise in presentation.

      • Aaron Chan says:

        Perhaps adding it to a new page would be good. That way you won’t need to format it onto the puzzle page, at least. Besides, I prefer not to see the time until I am actually done with the puzzle.

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