Art of Puzzlecrafting 2 video: 400 posts

As promised, I’ve now finished making a video describing all the steps that went on before, during, and after constructing my milestone 400th post. For those looking for something different on our YouTube channel, check out the video there.

PS: I make a “promise” in the video that if we get to 1,000 YouTube subscribers this year, I’ll make a new milestone puzzle around that idea. Do with this info what you will.

PPS: We are continuing to explore different kinds of YouTube content this year, so feel free to comment on more things you’d be interested in seeing besides daily solution videos.

  • emin says:

    I really liked this puzzle. I’m wondering how you prepare the questions. I would be very happy if you shoot videos like this.

  • bert says:

    This is lovely! I second what emin said: It’d be quite interesting to see you or one of the other GMs actually live-creating a puzzle from scratch!
    Although I guess that would be kind of hard because commenting and thinking hard about setting the puzzle at the same time sounds… tough.

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