Best of 2015: Number Placement Puzzles

Here are our best Number Placement puzzles of 2015 (excluding Sudoku which is treated as its own category).

Creating a complete puzzle taxonomy is challenging. Here at GMPuzzles we limit ourselves to just five logic puzzle categories, but that means our “number” placement term may seem a misnomer when you see logic puzzles with letters or words like our first winner here. At GMPuzzles, whenever a transformation of letters into numbers or other symbols could leave a fundamentally identical puzzle, we consider “Number Placement” to be the proper categorization. That said, this recent Scrabble variant from Murat Can Tonta — despite not yet having a lot of solvers — got a lot of Faves in December.

Scrabble by Murat Can Tonta

Our remaining “best” puzzles in this category are more obviously number placement puzzles; all received approximately the same number of votes. First is a classic Skyscrapers puzzle from Tom Collyer with a great solving path.

Skyscrapers by Tom Collyer

This Skyscrapers (Sum) variant by Thomas Snyder, part of a New Year’s week highlighting 2014 –> 2015, also received a lot of votes.

Sum Skyscrapers by Thomas Snyder

Finally, this Kakuro (Hex) from Serkan Yürekli was another of our best Number Placement puzzles of 2015.

Kakuro (Hex) by Serkan Yürekli

  • Avatar photo drsudoku says:

    Tom Collyer’s added some interesting comments on number versus object placement puzzles on his blog. There are definitely spots of overlap between these two genres — all placement puzzles belong to some super family — and we’ll revisit how to categorize these challenging cases in the future.

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